Melospeech online speech therapy and independent educational evaluations.

Melospeech, Inc.

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Online or In-Home Speech Therapy Services for Children and Adults

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Early Intervention

Is your 2-year-old not talking?  Does your 3-year-old speak and others look to you to interpret his words?  We can help!


Brain Injury

Have you or your loved one had a recent stroke or head injury?  Do you feel like your thoughts are foggy and you can't pay attention or follow directions?  We can help!

Autism and Social Skills

Are you or your child on the autism spectrum?  Do you or your child struggle with talking or social skills?  We can help!

Lisps and Other Articu​lation Needs

Are you bothered by a lisp?  Is your speech hard for others to understand?  Do people ask you or your child to repeat words?  We can help! 

Independent Educati​onal  Evaluations, Expert Witness Services

Looking for an AAC assessment or a comprehensive speech/language evaluation? Looking for a second opinion on your child's school-based speech/language assessment?    We can help!