Speech and Language


Is your child nonverbal? Many parents have emailed us asking how to try Melodic Based Communication Therapy (M.B.C.T.) with their child at home. This video was created with parents in mind. It is a shortened version of the 10 steps to M.B.C.T. for nonverbal autism. To learn more on the research and evidence to support the approach attend our full-day course through CIAO Seminars.

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M.B.C.T. Conversation Connections - many children with autism struggle with basic conversation skills. This app may be used to help your child learn how to initiate and respond to comments of increasing difficulty. Currently being beta tested.    

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Adrian was age 7 and nonverbal with autism at the time of initiating Melodic Based Communication Therapy (4x/week for 5 weeks). Family members credit M.B.C.T. for helping him become verbal after having tried many other methods of intervention. You will want to make sure you see updated videos of him 3 years later at age 10 as he now speaks two languages.