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Can I give the ITSELF:P screener without parent input?

Posted on October 8, 2017 at 5:00 PM

Can I give the ITSELF: P screener without parent input?

The  ITSELF: P is our quick communication screener app meant to allow parents, teachers, clinicians, pediatricians, etc. to quickly screen all areas of communication in preschool children based on current published normative data.

This app may be given by or with input from someone who knows the child well, such as a parent, teacher or family member.

You may also choose to engage the child in conversation and observe him or her in play.  You will want to set up communication temptations (e.g., an interesting toy visible, but out of reach, a favorite food kept in tightly closed clear container, or a fun musical toy that you turn on then off  - waiting for the child’s response). 

The app works best when the informer knows the child well.

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