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Speech and Language




May I make changes or combine M.B.C.T. with another approach?

Posted on October 1, 2017 at 6:55 PM

May I make changes or combine M.B.C.T. with another approach?

While M.B.C.T. includes 10 standardized steps that represent the 10 standardized steps used in the initial study, modifications within the clinical setting are recommended based on the needs of the child and the observations of the therapist or parent.  We discuss some potential modifications at the full-day course.  Some modifications that have been used by our providers are as follows: 

1. slowing down the song

2. removing consonants and singing the vowels only to simplify the word

3. using visual cues (e.g., pointing to the clinician's mouth)

4. decreasing, increasing, changing, or removing the use of preferred rewards based on the child's attention

5. using the songs in a functional task (e.g., singing banana when a banana is about to be eaten)

6. adding jumping or other movements other than clapping if the child does not tolerate hand over hand clapping

7. working in a group setting 

Join us at our  full-day course for more information!

Categories: May I make modifications to the approach to meet the needs of the child?